Agriculture C.S. Pays Jungle Nuts a Visit

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Pays Jungle Nuts a Visit Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Felix Kipatarus Koskei on 31 May 2014 paid a courtesy call to Jungle Nuts.

Accompanied by Deputy Governor and the Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Kiambu county Kiambu county, Mr Gerald Gakuha and Madam Monica Mukami Waiganjo respectively, the team was welcomed to the main Jungle Nuts Factory by Jungle Holdings CEO Patrick Wainaina and the Jungle Nuts Team.

Overview It started off by a warm welcome headed by Mr Patrick who led the guests to the awaiting tent erected outside the CEO's office. A brief introduction to Jungle Nuts, products and its ways of doing things was given by Mr Patrick.

He then demonstrated the way E-Buy - their latest technology in buying nuts from the farmers - works. This was done with the help of Bernard, one of Jungle Nuts staff who was keen to ensure the Cabinet secretary and his team learnt the advantages of using E-Buy and the efficiency in use of technology.

Factory Tour The team was later split into two for a tour around the factory with Mr Patrick taking the group with the Cabinet secretary. From Macadamias drying, roasting, cracking, sorting, grading to packaging, Cashew Shelling, peeling, sorting, grading to packaging; The visitors had a real feel of what Jungle Nuts is all about. They were amazed by the way the nuts processing was refined to detail leaving no waste and ending with multiple products such as ready nuts to eat, oil and even briquettes for energy production.

The number of employees involved was also a major point to take home. Final word After the tour it was time for the CEO to drive home some points in order to take advantage of the audience at hand. Major issues that are being faced by the local Nuts industries including nuts racketeering. He expounded how brokers are buying even immature nuts at high prices and selling to raw exporters which is against the law. He requested that major legal steps be taken against such fellows in order to save the industry.

Before the guest could leave they were given refreshments and Jungle Nuts token including packets of highly nutritious macadamia and cashew, T-Shirts and caps. It was a tour well done at Jungle Nuts where we are nuts by choice.

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